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How to choose the most suitable car rental

Our fleet

We offer the best rental cars! We have the best luxury limousines just for you. All you need to do is accept, and we will provide you with the best car, as well as a trained driver who will guide you through this magical city. If you want to do this in time for your wedding, party or meeting, the driver knows how to get the shortest route to reach your destination in a short time.

The driver is here to reach his destination as a member of royalty.

Our services

  • weddings

Wondering how you and your loved ones will do at your wedding? Ray A One has luxurious limousines that you can use to transport people on time. Free yourself from buying a car that cannot pay for your wedding budget by hiring a classic car at carrentchiangrai!

car rent

  • night parties

Walking or trusting a taxi driver at night can be difficult! You will feel that your safety is at risk. You may believe they will take you to a party with your friend or birthday in style. In carrentchiangrai, your safety is a priority, so we have the most reliable drivers on board.

  • Corporate translations

We can take you to a business meeting and make sure it arrives on time. Our drivers know every part of the city. Therefore, you can be sure that you will be taken anywhere in the city where the meeting takes place.

  • casino

We are here to take you to the best casinos in the city. We can pick you up from your home, take you to the casino and return to your home at any time.

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