Houston Hyundai

One of the best car of the 2019 Hyundai Veloster

The second generation of Veloster has advanced to the final list of the COTY contest because of its merits. Hyundai has given its engine more power with tunes to suspension in order to deliver the sportiness of the exterior suggest this is a complete pocket-rocket of the segment. There is a stick shift, improved chassis, an optional dual-clutch with automated manuals, independent rear suspensions and improved chassis. The Hyundai broadened trim performance and offerings.

This is quite an appetizer for auto mobile lovers who have a special love for Eco sports, Track-focused N and Normal vehicle. Anyone can have their own mode by calibrating each performance setting or max-out on anything and simply press the dedicated N-mode button present on the steering wheel.

Houston Hyundai

The price of the vehicle starts at a basic price of $18,385 for its 147-hp base car up to around $30,000 for its 275-hp N model with high performance and each of the steps of this Houston Hyundai Veloster ladder keeps driving enjoyment and equipment fun. This vehicle is impressed by the standard lane that keeps on assisting and automatic braking, in addition, there is an availability of head-up display, adaptive cruise control and the premium audio. Goldilocks of the brood is around $23,785 with R-Spec which remains fit to deliver the near-N performance at a price that is less in comparison to the specification that is offered by other vehicles and brand.

Hyundai has brought an offbeat sense of the style into a cabin that looks quite attractive to look at. There are three conventional doors two that are present on the passenger side and one on the driver’s side and it comes with a raked roofline.

You can have your own 2019 Hyundai Veloster and enjoy the attractive nature of the vehicle.

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