What are the features and benefits of multicore orange circular cable?

The orange circular cable is available in two different forms and variants i.e. single core cable and multicore cable variants. These depend upon the quality and type of the core present in the circular cable. The multicore cables contain approximately 2 to 10 cores in it. The multicore ones are more durable and resistant to multiple types of chemicals and toxic elements. Most of the high-quality multicore orange circular cable contains a unique polymer technology that can transform itself from the form of flexible insulation to a sturdy and tough ceramic barrier if you expose it to fire.

This makes it highly fire resistant and strong as well as durable and while choosing a multicore cable you must check its fire rating perfectly. This is important so that you must not suffer from an uncertain accident at a later stage. Choose a cable with a fire rating close to WS52W or AS/NZS 3013. This fire rating must be calculated without the consideration of the Mica tape which is used for insulation. These considerations will provide a valuable saving of your time during your installation process.

Features and benefits of using a multicore orange circular cable

  • It contains aluminium Tape Screen which provides clean signals that are  uninterrupted
  • It also contains LSOH that is needed for additional safety when a fire outbreaks.
  • Nylon insulated circular cables are suitable for termite and rodent resistance.
  • The rip Cords that are present allows easy stripping needed for fast and safe installation.
  • It provides additional mechanical strength with the use of steel Wire Armour.
  • If you have ceramifiable insulation in the cable then it provides integrity of the circuit which makes it safer and faster for installation as compared to other traditional cables.
  • If you have cable with flexible Copper conductor then it becomes compact and easy to install while non-flexible one is good for reduced ‘snaking’.

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