Bashir Dawood

Seeing A Change in Education System In Pakistan

The education delivery service is severely impacted by the economic, security and political challenges that Pakistan is facing for many years. The country spends huge proportion of their budget on the national security & loan interest payments, and leaving very smaller amounts for the investment in social services and infrastructure, like education and health. Although demand for the education is strong, and public sector is not able to deliver the ongoing demand, because of the poor management, insecurity, corruption, teacher absenteeism and natural disasters. But, you can find a change coming in the education delivery in Pakistan with the help of Bashir Dawood.

Being a member of the well-known philanthropic family, Bashir Dawood is offering monumental support in the field of education. They are known for offering all types of educational support required by the country. He has also enabled an integration of many surgical facilities in Karachi. There are many more things that must come up for the improvement in the quality of education in Pakistan.

Bashir DawoodImproving access & equity for all boys and girls to school by:

  • Upgrading schools in the communities where there‚Äôs no access.
  • Expanding alternate types of delivery that includes community school development, private sector management, among many more others.
  • Reducing the dropout by improving good learning outcomes.

Improving quality education just by:

  • Developing learning standards & benchmarks.
  • Developing high capacity of the education managers & professionals including examiners, teachers, textbook developers and curriculum.
  • Improving the assessment capacity.

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