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Points to consider when choosing a uniform

Select a uniform for your restaurant employees is an important part of the image and marketing of any restaurant. Even in a casual setting, the uniform appearance allows your customers to identify customer staff. It also helps set the tone for your restaurant. Last time, we gave you three important elements fashion apparel for women jacksonville fl to consider in your choice of uniform. But there are so many other things to keep in mind. Here are few more significant things to keep in mind when choosing/designing your uniforms.

Form and function

When thinking about the style and appearance of a uniform, also consider the material that makes it up. Items like 100% cotton are certainly comfortable and breathable, but items made from this material easily stain and form wrinkles in a jiffy. On the other hand, clothes made of 100% polyester or other synthetic materials can be durable, but they can also be very painful and leave your staff warm and unable to concentrate all their energy on their work. The most popular among restaurateurs and employees are usually a mix of various materials. Cotton and polyester blends are popular for their durability and stain resistance. Depending on the ratio, fashion apparel for women jacksonville fl  they can also be very comfortable. The type of material you choose can also affect the cost of materials. There are many other material options, so do some research on the type of materials you would like to use in your uniforms.

fashion apparel for women jacksonville fl

Decoration and design

Your brand is everything for marketing. Your name and logo are what your customers will associate with your restaurant, food, service and ultimately you. You spend a lot of occasion, attempt and money in building your brand. Because of this, you should consider everything you want to have with your logo on it. Do you want your staff to wear aprons with an embroidered or screen printed logo? Maybe it makes sense to put your mark on a shirt or on several items. In both cases, determine how and where you want to use your logo.

Cost- Benefit

The bottom line, of course, always comes back to value. You want to have more for your money.. We have worked hard to build strong relationships with some of the industry’s leading kitchen clothing manufacturers, so we can offer you the highest quality clothing for your restaurant staff, whether it’s house or kitchen. We have a broad range of style and prices for all styles and budgets. Check out our offers and find what suits you best.

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