Acquiring BITCOIN or BTC these days is becoming a problem. In spite of huge public demand, generated on the back of spectacular rises in unit value over a short twelve years interval since the introduction in August, 2008, the supply is too meager to satisfy the demand. There are therefore just two camps in this search. The first, creating BTC, involves huge investment in enormously strong hardware and complex software, which only the Super Rich is capable of. Small scale operations are no longer profitable, but the man in the street can still use the second approach. This is to use Broking services  to buy BITCOIN, or to arrange a P2P EXCHANGE, or even to visit a BITCOIN Trading Platform, , and negotiate purchase at a mutually agreeable market rate from an existing holder who wants to sell. The steps are as follows:

  • First, an Account needs to be registered with an EXCHANGE.
  • Next, verify the account, and enable the authentication process.
  • Before actual purchase, go to “Funding”, and then to “Deposit”. After selection of the currency in which to make payment, the transfer method must be finalized. The budgeted purchase amount then needs to be transferred to the account created.
  • Now begins the “Search” phase, when the BITCOIN Market is scoured to find suitable BTC at an affordable price. The quantity desired needs to be booked, and, after reviewing the transaction details, the amount wanted bought by simply clicking “Buy”.

This completes the steps to purchase free bitcoin.


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