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Only 3 Million Bitcoins Left To Be Mined! Latest Bitcoin News

For the people who are into cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are psyched about the fact that Friday 18 October 2019 is the date when 18th million bitcoin will be mined. So, why is this news of any relevance? Though this news may be of no worth to the general public, for cryptocurrencies enthusiasts and holders this is the big latest bitcoin news.

How can it affect the price of a bitcoin?

Till now everyone has seen the volatility that the price of bitcoin has shown. From registering its highest price range in December of 2017 to falling again in the successive years. There are many factors that affect the price of bitcoin. And this news can also be a driving factor behind a bitcoin bull run.

price of a bitcoin

As now only 3 million of bitcoins are left to be mined. This means that the scarcity of bitcoin is growing. And now when the world will be witnessing another bitcoin halving on May 2020, bitcoin promoters and believers won’t leave this chance of buying bitcoin at cheap prices. But there are many more things that are going on right now like regulatory concerns.

But people have always found a way to surpass the rules and regulations and with the growing popularity of bitcoin, it will surely comeback with a boom. Regardless of this news for more latest bitcoin news and happenings in the cryptocurrency world, you can search online for more information.

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