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Play Dice Game With Friends And Family

Dice game is a casino game that uses or includes one or more than one dice. This dice is usually the game’s sole or central component.  Every dice has a place in the game which is based on role-playing and involves the use of a dice. The dice holds a great importance as it is the sole constituent for moving the game forward. People have grown to love these beautiful, gem-like shapes of the dice. Many times the people who love to play dice games carry dices in their boxes or bags and prefer to bring their personal collection on the table. There are some interesting dice games that one can play with friends and family in leisure time.

What dice game can you play with friends?


Bunco is a dice game that requires 9 dices in the gameplay and a lot of luck. This game can be played by twelve or fewer people who split into different teams.

Shut the box

Shut the box is another mind drilling and one of the most exciting dice games. A wooden box is needed to play the game. It could be played at a family gathering and even on vacations.

Liar’s Dice

This game came to popularity when it was featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. Each player has five dice and a cup that hides their roll from all the other players. This is perfect for a house party or when hanging out with friends on a lazy Saturday night.


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