mariyam dawood

A Philanthropist Named Mariyam Dawood

There are people who are extraordinary and work selflessly for a society to make it for new heights. An example of this is mariyam dawood. Mariyam dawood is the wife of Bashir Dawood and both of them have made a lot of charities in Pakistan and many other parts of the country. Mariyam Dawood is a perfect example of the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

She has left no stone unturned and worked for the welfare of society. She has attained great respect in society. She is a well-reputed woman working towards education and making the society better. She has gained a reputation all over the world. She along with her husband has a platform for providing medical sciences reach newer heights. She owns a university and a hospital in Pakistan. It was the need of an hour to facilitate research and build such an organisation.

mariyam dawood

The platform provides world-class learning that insists on learning from anywhere around the world. She has made philanthropic support and earned a lot of respect. She has made a successful contribution to society.She is a well-known woman and works for the society as a whole. She has provided infrastructural facilities that have pushed medical programs and learn medical skills for the students perusing the same. She works on global health care solutions due to which she has gained a lot of esteem and respect. She has made countless efforts along with her husband and made a remarkable contribution.

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