Seeds Without Losing Their Properties

How to Conserve Marijuana and Its Properties?

To preserve marijuana optimally, it is necessary to follow a series of steps. Some basic tips that will make our crop not lose in aroma, appearance, and power. To make them work, they must be followed throughout the whole process of growing marijuana and will have an herb that will ensure exquisite, vigorous, and intact with all its terpene flavor. Now, let’s start with how to conserve online marijuana.

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Seeds Without Losing Their Properties

Avoid Handling Buds

One of the most basic ways to preserve marijuana with all its properties is to avoid touching the trichomes a lot. In this way, we will achieve an intact concentration of terpenes, while preventing marijuana from wilting. This advice applies during all phases of growth and subsequent curing of the plant. Whenever it is necessary to manipulate plants from our cultivation, we will do it with the utmost care and trying not to shake them, since they may lose terpenes in these movements.

Wash the Roots

Another of the most important parts to conserve online marijuana with all its properties is the washing of roots. It is a process that is applied before harvesting the buds. During washing, the roots will get rid of the rest of the fertilizers and supplements that we have used. This will guarantee us a much less impaired flavor in our herb.


Cannabis drying is one of the processes in which the most impatient often sin. It is of little use to give the best care to our crop if then we do not wait long enough for the harvest to be in its best conditions. When we consume little dry marijuana, we are losing around 50% of the psychoactive properties of the plant. To carry out this process we will have to divide the plant according to its branches, then we will proceed to hang the bud’s upside down in a place free of moisture.

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