What is the PicoGenius and picosecond laser speckle treatment.

Remaining beautiful and looking beautiful is one of the prime wishes of any person especially ladies. If a person is not looking good then it can impact their personality as well as self confidence and hence their personal as well as professional lives. you can visit more informations here www.picogeniuslaser.com.hk. Many female have pigmentation and acne problems because of hormonal changes and it creates spots on their face. It does not look good to have spots, fine lines, wrinkles and pimples on sweet and innocent faces. Aging further intensifies skin problems and it can affect one’s beauty seriously and so skin restoration mechanisms are required to bring back the glow and youth to your face.


Oasis beauty has launched Picoway laser treatment and PicoGenius which is a laser spotting treatment that can solve the problems associated with wrinkles and dark spots. Another spotting treatment is Picosure that can restore your beauty. This laser spotting treatments work to break the melanin directly with its powerful and fast energy. It can also eliminate the lymph of the skin and achieve whitening and spot removal effect too. This is a skin-removal technology and makes use of wind-jet laser de-spotting. It is fast and effective and has no side effects just like traditional laser treatments. Freckle method is used in this process on the selective photothermal. It uses its power to vaporize directly, dust and crush the spots and then it excretes the lymphoid tissues without impacting the surrounding tissues on which treatment is not done.


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