Singapore Floor Lamps

Get to know the uniqueness of Singapore Floor Lamps

There’s a Very Different charm Of getting floor lamps in your home. These lamps have been the sort that have always been around and available and everybody will be well familiar with the qualities of such a lamp be it the one by the side of the low bed or the one which stood beside your research table once you studied late into these chilly nights. Among the best things about flooring Lamps is that in spite of the fact that they need to be set on the floor, there’s ample scope of innovation due to the height. The floor lamps could be up to 5 feet high and therefore this is ample opportunity to first of all recreate the foundation and then the support pole / column and ultimately the hood of this lamp.

floor lamps

Consider some of these styles of these floor lamps. The foundation can be made from metal or some other material. Among the most solid foundations and very elegant and lovely at that, are of stainless steel disks. In the event the base of this lamp is constructed from a stainless steel disk, then the lamp will stand out; first of all because of the normal large disc it will be held on. Then think about the thin rod that is riveted to the peak of the lamp that finally ends in a globular, white, big glass light holder that will render it the minor eclectic appearance in steel.

Then there is another layout of floor lamp singapore that is downright creative, but just as an idea since the implementation is surely not something that someone might not have seen. The base is composed of sturdy, solid and horizontal metallic or wooden substance, so it is relatively heavier than the remaining parts of the lamp. Then the middle part is made from hand carved wood in the shape of a column, which might have the normal column layout or the helix pattern carved from it and on the top, there be a rectangular box which has the light fixture into it. In short, we are taking a look at a Victorian street lamp variation.

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