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Know about steroid usage and its purpose

Steroids are artificial hormones which are given to an individual to act as a supplement to the naturally released hormones. These are responsible for fighting stress and for increasing muscle gain by healing the sore and torn muscles quickly.

Anabolic steroids are prescribed to treat some medical conditions. Few people prefer such steroids to boost muscle mass, performance and to ensure a quick recovery from sore muscles due to an intense workout regimen.

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for maintaining muscle growth and developing secondary male sexual characteristics like facial hair, deep voice, etc. Anabolic steroids consist of this testosterone. They are also called as anabolic-androgenic steroids. These should be used under proper supervision to achieve desired results. Short term and legitimate use are always beneficial.

How to use?

Repeated and continuous use of anabolic steroids may develop a condition called tolerance. This would hinder the desired effect of steroid usage and may even influence the natural hormone production of the body. Minimal usage of steroids would guarantee maximum results.Click now to buy Anavar for better results.

Different patterns of intake:

Cycling: Intake of steroids for a few weeks, taking off for a few weeks and again restarting the consumption. This would allow introspecting the results and response of the body after each cycle.

Stacking: To maximize the effectiveness, one can combine several steroids and supplements and can take simultaneously.

steroids and supplements

Pyramiding: In this pattern, the dosage is supposed to be gradually increased to reach a peak, and then reduce to zero.

Following such patterns would ensure that the body would not develop tolerance, and with every intake, the collection shows response accordingly. Apart from this, another advantage of following trends is that it would reduce the risk of side effects considerably.


Various categories of steroids are sold commercially. They have different meanings.

Bulking steroids are used for building muscles. Click now to buy Anavar.

Performance steroids are meant for strength and endurance.

Cutting steroids are intended for burning fat.

Steroids for healing and enhancement of metabolism.

Intake options:

Oral or by mouth

Pellets which are implanted under the skin

Injecting directly into muscle or tissue.

Topical or through the skin in the form of cream or gel.

How do they work?

AAS would travel through the bloodstream to the muscle tissue and bind to the androgen receptor of the cell. Subsequently, they interact with cell DNA stimulating cell growth as a result of the protein synthesis process.

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