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Visa Vanilla Gift Card: All You Need to Know?

What is a Vanilla Visa gift card?

Vanilla Visa Gift Card is a Visa prepaid card with a nominal value of US $ 25, 50 and 100. It acts like any debit card, and is accepted where there is a Visa debit. It can be purchased at most convenience stores and department stores in the United States.

Is there a fee?

To activate your card, you must pay the cost of the card and the activation fee in the range of 4.95 to 6.95 dollars. The activation fee varies according to the total balance you wish to place on the card. So, if you activate it with only 25 dollars, you only have to pay $ 4.95 for $ 29.95.

There is also a service charge associated with the prepaid gift card. After the seventh month after activation, you will be charged $ 2.50 each month until the card balance reaches zero. So, if you don’t use it or forget it somewhere, instead of finding a gem with a balance of $ 100, your Vanilla Visa can run out of nothing.

How to check the balance of my vanilla visa?

This is a relatively simple process. You can visit their homepage or call the customer service department at 1-800-571-1376 to get the most accurate and up-to-date information about your card balance.


A Vanilla Visa gift card is accepted provided there is a Visa debit. This is almost everywhere in the United States, so the card has a very high cost simply for this. One of the main substitutes for this product is an American Express gift card. The disadvantage of American Express is that it is not as widely accepted as Visa.

More recently, I tried to pay for my pizza at a mom’s store and at a smaller pop store. I was very disappointed not to be able to use my American Express card there. That is why I recommend using this product as a gift for a child or teenager who does not have additional credit or debit cards.

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You cannot register a card, which means you cannot use a Vanilla Visa gift card to buy online. I don’t care what you read on the Internet or Yahoo’s answers, it’s simply not possible.

And here’s why: when you buy something online, the seller verifies the name, billing address and phone number associated with the credit card. Since you cannot register with Vanilla Visa, you cannot buy online anywhere.

Final revision

The Vanilla Visa gift card does not have the same flexibility as its competitors offered by other banks, as well as American Express and MasterCard. The best benefits of the card will be the replacement function, and does not require any activation.


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