Advantages of ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry

Chemical and pharmaceutical companies have experienced a series of changes in their business model in recent years. On the one hand , the process of relocation of raw material manufacturing from Europe to Asia and the emergence of new economic actors in the global market . And, on the other hand, the different merger processes that have been carried out between different companies in the pharmaceutical sector have meant that in the market, more than 50% of the turnover comes from the top 25 companies in the sector.

Despite this data, pharmaceutical companies miss out on the added value of having a powerful database such as that, in many cases, this type of company has. Data in a traditional system is usually stored on paper or in separate computer records, such as spreadsheets and analysis records. This complex spectrum of data storage means that the valuable information for the company they contain is wasted, becoming useless on many occasions. For this reason, in recent times some large corporations in the pharmaceutical market have implemented management tools such as the ERP developed by Unit4 of Ekon. The competitive improvements that this type of specialized management tools provide are, among others, the efficient management and use of information. ERP software provides the possibility to structure the entire production and management process based on information flows to take advantage of all the knowledge that the data provides.

Thus, the concept of pharmacy point of sale software offers to the pharmaceutical sector makes sense, since based on knowledge management, daily and executive processes are structured such as: personnel administration, environmental data or the flow of information to lead to carry out the processes in a quality environment.

pharmacy point of sale software

Process automation, therefore, is the end within the pharmaceutical industry. Although due to the peculiarities of this sector, in which health maintenance is the most important asset, they make not all management programs adequate. And it is that in the pharmaceutical industry it is necessary to establish an efficient balance between quality, productivity and service. In other words, not everything goes. Hence the need to get ERP software likes E4on’s Unit4, which has the following advantages:

–  Increase in business volume: a comprehensive management system provides flexibility to the business and allows the identification of new fields of exploitation, by speeding up analysis processes that have not existed to date.

–  Sustainability control: controlling the different production plants of large pharmaceutical companies, as well as waste management, is another advantage of Unit4 Ekon’s ERP software for pharmacies and companies in the chemical sector.

–  Reduction of production costs: by automating the different internal management processes, their productivity increases and costs are reduced.

In conclusion, an ERP for pharmaceuticals is the best tool to maintain competitiveness in a delocalized and deeply competitive sector.