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Types of sports optics: Let discuss about it here

There are different types of optics available. Some of them are used for sports as well. They have been very helpful in sports. They have a wide variety of applications. Some of the sports where they are used include golf, hunting, surveying and lot more.You can buy them from sport optics Canada. We have listed out some common choices of sports optics. They mainly include binoculars, monoculars, and rangefinders.


Binoculars have lenses on two sides for the eyes and are useful to view subjects which are at a distant. There are a couple of telescopes, which are small in size. There are mounted for both the eyes. You can see the subjects which are far away. Binoculars are available in different sizes with different features in order to rise to the customers’ needs to meet the needs as well as their application. Binoculars are used for different purposes ranging from leisure activities to land surveying. You can also use it for bird watching. You can get closer views on them without disturbing them.

sport optics Canada


A monocular is similar to a binocular except that it has reduced power and also its size is also smaller. They are viewed using any one eye. They have a single lens through which you can see the object at the distance. Its smaller size and portability makes it suitable for the monocular to keep it in a small space such as pockets. If you have a poor vision, you can use this for reading the signboards and texts on a hoarding.Monoculars can also be used for looking at far away objects and or getting a close view in museums and art galleries.


Rangefinders are equipment used for measuringthe distance between the target and the instrument. Ranging is the process of measuring the distance. Rangefinders can be used in sports like golf, hunting, and ballistics. Sound waves are emitted by the ultrasonic rangefinder for finding the distance. It measures the distance using the time taken by the sound wave to hit the target and return back to the device. This is a slow process of measuring the distance. Laser rangefinders are equipped with advanced technology. They emit laser beams instead. A beam of light is ejected by the laser rangefinders to calculate the distance. This is commonly used in golf and hunting rangefinders.


These are some of the most common optical instruments used in sports.

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