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A Server To Act In An Intermediate Request

Proxy Server is a network server that functions to act intermediately on the request of the clients. It is one of the advances and most secure service that supports any sites. It was made to distribute the system and to act as an agent on the internet. Content spread in any direction by getting pass through on this proxy. This server is commonly used in commercializing. It is to ensure that using the internet as a medium follows the acceptable use policy. It also blocks elicit web sites especially in the settings of school, government, and public places. It also communicates with any anti-virus application. So, it secures personal files and computer from viruses.

free proxyTypes of proxy at your service

As of now, hundreds and thousands of servers are present and used to hide the users IP addresses. Many types of proxy are present on the internet and each of them has functions. One can help you hide your identity and allows you to use any internet service and it is commonly called an open proxy. The anonymous server helps the user to act or show their identity as anonymous but never shows any IP addresses. Transparent proxy caches the website and allows the user to show IP addresses in the first view. The ordinary server that the internet user commonly use is the reverse proxy. It forwards the request and comes out as an original and ordinary server.

The use of the server

The server is useful in so many ways especially when the setting is on the internet. It protects the privacy and identity of the users. It also protects the personal space and files from viruses by connecting to any anti-virus app. It also acts on any request of the clients and forward or spread it to any server that can help big. In terms of public places such as schools and government, It blocks illegal sites. It keeps students away from the harmful websites that can influence and stains one’s mind. It also protects the archives files of the government and put encrypted codes to secure it from foreign viruses.

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