How to learn lettering – Online tutorial helps

As you know lettering is an art of drawing. Those shapes and bends created in lettering have its own definition and they do not have to be well defined. Because, each font has different shapes and it is not compulsory to maintain the same style. It is necessary only to follow the terminologies in creating your art in lettering. Thus before pressing your pen into the paper to start lettering, learn what are its terminologies to follow. You have to get familiar with those terminologies, if you wish to learn or create your own style. Some of those terminologies are

  • Cap line – Helps you to create the height of upper case alphabets.
  • Baseline – Helps to establish the line on which those letters has to lie on.
  • X-line – Helps you to establish the height of all small case alphabets.
  • Flourish – This is the main terminology to consider because this creates the design to letters. It has loops and swirls when writing.

Step wise procedure to proceed with terminologies

  1. Establish the base line to start.
  2. Then establish cap-line and x-line for first few letters.
  3. Get to know the pressure points while writing.
  4. Release pressure while moving up to make thin lines and apply pressure while moving towards down to thick lines.
  5. Then move around with loops and swirls to create your art.

Scribble with lettering to make an art and mesmerize the world eyes. If you want to learn lettering click here, this is an online source with perfect guidance for you to learn all the aspects of hand lettering. Hand lettering is gaining its popularity around the world. All those letters in invitations and cards designed for occasions are designed by lettering experts. So when you learn lettering, you can get into a bright future with more innovative options. It does not have a deadline until your life ends.

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