Women love to pamper themselves and manicure is an essential part of it. Not all women have time to go to the salon or spa very often. Esmaltessemipermanentes or semi-permanent enamel gives these women relief. Lasting for about two to three weeks, it does not need maintenance every now and then. They only need to retouch it once the nails have grown. The prolonged duration of polish does not harm the natural nail and does not weaken it either. With all those benefits, it comes at a less expensive cost than that of acrylic nails. It is just understandable that women love this nowadays.

This technique differs from the traditional one in the type of base, polish, and top used. A UV or LED lamp is used for immediate drying. Despite the practicality offered, there are still pros and cons to it.


  • Appearance

Its color remains the same over time and will only be removed once the nail has grown. It makes the nails look brighter than traditional polish for a long time. This is very versatile and provides several options. Some enamels glow in the dark. Some are consisted of a variety of metallic tones. There are also those which change color with temperature. Effects such as the chameleon and the mirror can also be provided with this manicure. It can also be accompanied by digital decoration.

  • Duration

This lasts for about 15 days to 21 days, depending on nail growth. It has become the best alternative for women who cannot find time to go to the spa or salon.

  • Drying

It immediately dries with the UV or LED lamp. Unlike traditional manicure, this allows you to resume work immediately. You will no longer worry about staying static for several minutes so that the polish will not be damaged.

performing semi-permanent enamelling


  • Nail type

Semi-permanent manicures can be a great option for all women. However, some have weaker nails compared to others. These women are suggested to have their nails rest and strengthen before trying this out.

  • Removal

Unlike traditional polish, removing semi-permanent enamel requires an expert manicurist. It has a more complicated process and needs more items than that of the traditional one.

  • Specialized

This technique is more complex. For each layer of polish applied to the nail, the nails must be dried using the UV or LED lamp. That kind of lamp is not something a common household would have. It is usually done in nail spas and beauty salons with professionals doing the service.

Steps on performing semi-permanent enamelling

Everything that will be needed must be prepared beforehand. Choose a semi-permanent color you wish to use. You can also combine several of those to experiment. The base coat and the top coat are both required and not optional. The UV or LED lamp, polishing pad, and degreasing liquid are all needed, too.

  1. Remove and push the cuticles. Shape the nail using a lime. Using the polished block, pass it to open the nail pore. Then degrease it with the Nail Cleaner liquid. Apply Primer Without Acid for problematic nails.
  2. After nail preparation, apply a very thin layer of the base. Make sure to not touch the cuticle. Dry it in a lamp.
  3. Apply the first layer of the semi-permanent color, careful not to touch the cuticle. Dry it once more using the lamp. Apply another layer and dry it again in a lamp.
  4. Apply the top coat and remove the sticky layer using the Nail Cleaner liquid. Finally, apply cuticle oil to hydrate them.

Removing semi-permanent enamel

This is not as easy as when using a traditional polish. It is a procedure that is almost always carried out by an expert manicurist in salons. Aluminum foil, acetone or remover, lime and cuticle pusher or striper are needed to remove it.

  1. To help the liquid to penetrate, blend the top layer using a file or the same polishing pad.
  2. Soak the cellulose disc with the acetone or remover liquid directly on top of the nail. Wrap it with silver paper or apply a clip and then wait for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Remove the remains with a metal cuticle pusher or a striper. Finally, blend the nail with the taco.

Semi-permanent enamels will give your nails everything they want. It will have a great variety of color and perfect shine for two to three weeks. It is ideal to combine and enhance your personal style for a longer period of time.

A simple color may suffice but some prefer to combine several products to get what they like. Why not try everything and find out what’s best for you?

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