Must-play android video games for gamers

Recently video games have evolved a lot in very short time in terms of formats, categories etc. mainly because of the gamers. There could be only some people who don’t play video games for different reasons. But the concern is not for them, it is for the video gamers who love playing games and who try to play every popular or newly released gaming formats. Racing games, sports and first person shooter games take the top positions when it comes to best android games to play.

Here are some games for the ever playing video gamers. Most of the today’s games are online so we need to have internet connection to play these games and also can connect globally with friends and gamers from other parts of the world.

List of some must-not-miss android games

Some of these games are already popular and have recorded millions of downloads. But for some or the other reason players may miss them and this list helps to play good games during free time.

  • Sub way surfers is the topmost game that reached large number of people worldwide. Belongs to platform genre and is played small children to adults.
  • Candy crush saga is the most popular top played puzzle game worldwide with more than 500 million downloads. It is free to download and free to play game, loved by kids to adults and also old age people.
  • Crash lands is the adventure game that is fun and is the popular android game. It is paid game and need to purchase from google store.
  • Mine craft is the other most popular puzzle game that is played by people worldwide irrespective of age. It is paid game and is to be purchased.
  • Lara croft: Relic run is an adventurous running game and has been the best. It is free to download from store.
  • Clash of kings is the multi-player game and is exclusive android game. It is online and belongs to strategy video game genre.
  • Mortal kombat games such as mortal kombat X, arcade collection are already popular online game loved by the world wide gamers.
  • Grand theft auto is the other action-adventurous game. It is one of the best selled game.
  • Hearthstone: heroes of war craft has been one of the best games. It is multi-player online game.

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