Things you need to know for surviving in the game

Warzone is a newly launched game, and many were not aware of the game or rules. To become a pro player in any of the game at least need a month to get familiar with the game. When it comes to Battle Royale game, you need to learn a lot of options. For playing warzone game, you need to know certain things to survive in the game for long. Try warzone cheatsto stay alive and secure the victory.

You need to know about the call of duty warzone gulag is the twist added in this game. Whereas, you get the second chance to continue the game if you killed. In a warzone, if you die for the first time, you will get into the gulag rather than going to the lobby. There you will get the match for the second drop in the game. In a fight, as a teammate, you can help them through chat or throw rocks at the opposition.

Another option is Buy station, where you could find as the shopping icon on the screen. There you will be able to buy armor, plates, and killstreaks. To buy things you need cash. By using warzone cheats you can kill the enemies as soon as possible, and they will drop the money as they were carrying loot. Also, you could find the money that is scattered around the map mostly inside the buildings.

Before start playing the game, you need to know several things for surviving in the game.

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