CABG Singapore

CABG – Important Things To Know

CABG is one kind of procedure for improving the poor flow of blood to your heart. It can be required when arteries supplying the blood to the heart tissue, named coronary arteries, are blocked or narrowed. The coronary artery bypass grafting surgery might lower down any risk of the serious complications for the people who are having obstructive coronary disease, type of the ischemic heart disease. So, CABG Singapore can be used in the emergency, like severe heart attack.

CABG makes use of blood vessels from other part of your body as well as connects it to the blood vessels above or below your narrowed artery, and bypassing narrowed and blocked coronary arteries. Blood vessels are used, which depends on severity or number of blockages. Blood vessels are generally arteries from arm and chest, and veins from legs. The risks or possible complications might happen with the procedure. After the CABG surgery, your doctor might recommend some medicines or heart-healthy changes to reduce the symptoms, treat the disease, as well as help to prevent any complications like the blood clots.

Who Will Benefit From Coronary Artery Grafting?

People who are having some conditions might benefit from the CABG surgery, like those that have the obstructive coronary disease, type of the ischemic heart disease. The obstructive coronary disease happens when the plaque builds up at your coronary arteries, which supply your heart with the oxygen-rich blood. Also, heart care team can work with you and decide if CABG surgery is a right option for you.

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