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Mistakes made during the plumbing installation

Plumbing after the construction is invisible to users. If it is well made, it is easy to use the building for many years. It is worse if mistakes are made at the initial stage of its laying. Then problems with water and sewage can be very bothersome, emergency plumber Findlay ¬†and any modifications and repairs troublesome and expensive. The most complicated corrections even involve interference in the building’s structural elements.


All media should be managed in an appropriate and lawful manner. In the case of water, it must be introduced into the building below the freezing depth, i.e., below its foundation – under the foundation benches. This is most often done during foundations. If we are planning to make the connection at a later date, then the conduits must be laid in the right place at the foundation stage. Their absence will later mean the need to interfere in the building structure while emergency plumber Findlay


Before constructing the foundation for the zero-level floor, prepare all kinds of installation components, including sewage pipes. They need to be arranged so that the drains are in the places where the risers are located, and the pipes themselves are led by straight, short sections with a minimum number of bends and with a decrease of 2-3%. Gently bent knees should be used, and pipes should be properly connected. Faulty connections can cause later problems – leaks or clogging of the installation.

emergency plumber Findlay


The water and sewage installation should be implemented in accordance with the design, containing the routes of the pipes and their cross-sections, determined on the basis of the planned water demand and the method of sewage disposal. If the designer does not select the appropriate cross-sections of water pipes, then in intensive use, at some draw-off points, there may be a nuisance pressure drop. This can cause the gas boiler to not switch on or its uncomfortable and uneconomical use.

Cross-sections of sewer pipes should also be correctly selected. Too small can cause clogging of installations, while too large – sewage will not be well flushed. Debris will begin to accumulate in the pipes. Over time, they may clog.

A properly made design will guarantee trouble-free operation of the installation. It can also minimize water consumption and include e.g., gray sewage (from the washbasin, bathtub, shower), i.e., the increasingly popular water recycling.

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