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The masonry works are recognized for their aesthetics, but mainly their durability in the face of bad weather. However, considering the rigors of our climate, the construction techniques used, the characteristics of the materials used and the wear, maintenance of the masonry works must always be envisaged in a variable future. Damage to mortar joints is often the main source of damage to a masonry wall. A deteriorated seal will allow rainwater to enter the walls. During freeze-thaw cycles, any water in the materials that have failed to evaporate will freeze and cause damage to the masonry.

On the one hand, the purpose of the present Masonry-Info is to provide the owners and stakeholders in the maintenance of masonry walls with the guidelines enabling them to effectively carry out repointing work.


Before starting chimney sweep maryland to reappoint a masonry work, ie to scour the existing joints to a certain depth, then to fill them with a new mortar, it is essential to use personnel qualified to properly prepare surfaces, use the appropriate mortar and, finally, meet the conditions of cure to promote the sealing of the whole.

Types of finishes

In order to preserve the visual uniformity of the facades, especially in the case where the repainting is carried out punctually on one of them, it is necessary to be sure to reproduce the most faithfully the original seal, in terms of shape (ex concave joint), color and texture (eg brush, broom or other finish).

chimney sweep marylandMortar selection

There is no universal mortar. In general, lime-based mortars are known to perform better in our climate. The popular belief that the harder the mortar is, the more resistant it is.

The choice of mortar depends on, among other things, the climatic conditions (rain, freeze-thaw cycles, etc.) as well as the stresses induced by external agents such as de-icing salts.

The color of the mortar must be matched to that of the existing mortar. To know the original color, wash the joints. If the reappointing is punctual on a facade and the color of the new mortar is similar to the existing dirty facade, during a future wash, the mortar of this facade will be of variable color. he main criteria to consider when choosing a mortar are:


Strength Basic principle: the compressive strength of the reappointing mortar must always be lower than that of the masonry elements to be bonded.

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