Norman Asch

Amazon Rainforest and Its Many Important Faunas and Floras  

The Amazon is a special gift of nature you mankind. It contains up to 370 million trees and these trees can be categorized into 16,000 species.  The rainforest is also home to numerous animals. Many of the plants and animals in the Amazon rainforest are rare and destroying the rainforest can translate to the irreversible elimination of those plants and animals.

Many of the plants in the rainforest are also beneficial medicinally and modern medical science is making effort to study the many benefits of these plants.  Some of the plant species are also known to contain anti-cancer properties and can, therefore, be used in treating and preventing cancer.   The Amazon Rainforest houses up to 400 tribes of Indians and many of these tribes are already using the various plants to treat cancer and several other ailments successfully, which indicates that these plants are truly effective against cancer and several other ailments.

Norman AschAs stated earlier, Amazon Rainforest houses several animals ad some of them are Amazon River Dolphin, Amazonian Manatee, Anteater and even anaconda.  The anaconda is the heaviest and largest snake in the world today and it remains the most feared of all the animals residing in the Amazon Rainforest. The animal is also very close to water and has been proved to be an expert in swimming.

The Blue Morpho Butterfly, the Bullet Ant and Caiman are other animals found in the rainforest.  The caimans live in the many swamps, streams and rivers; there are also six different species of Caimans in Amazon Rainforest.  You can visit the Norman Asch’s blog at to learn more.

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