The importance of photography in your wedding

The importance of photography in your wedding

Finally, the day that you wanted so much arrives, the day of your wedding! The love of your life waiting on the altar, the dress, the flowers, the decoration, the people you love the most sharing that moment with you, on the beach all barefoot, dancing until they can no longer … you have been planning this for months or sometimes for years . You need pictures of your wedding to cherish the moments later.Click here for newborn baby photography.

Go with a photographer

Having a good photographer who digitally captures the best moments of that day should not be missing. Hire a professional who is dedicated to photographing the best moments naturally, zero poses! and you can take a memory of the GREAT DAY. There are many options and if you have a coordinator, she will surely be able to recommend you one that is within your budget and that does an excellent job, or research on the internet or ask your friends who have already married if they know someone good in wedding photography. Visit this site for newborn baby photography.

For customizable Scrapbooks

Some photographers have the option to deliver the photos in customizable Scrapbooks, it looks so cute! There are a thousand ways, so always ask your photographer how they are delivered and choose the way you like best.

To capture trendy events

Another great idea that is super trendy is TRASH THE DRESS, which is to capture the essence of the couple in the photographs; all naturally, without poses, capturing adrenaline, emotion and above all the love they feel for each other. Ideally, it should be an original idea and in an important place for you, rare and have an incredible view. It can be on the beach, gardens, forests, old buildings, ruins, etc. You can wear the original dress of the wedding day or many brides buy one that is especially to be able to dirty it, wet it and do what they want with it.

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