conditions of business

Buyer or seller should not violate the conditions of business

The person should be ready to bear the legal liabilities for their acts of bidding. The auctioneer can confirm the bidding in any other manner rather than purchasing the auctions. The obligations which are provided by the applicable laws are really enjoyed by the customers. Some parties may fail to perform the publications which will correspond to the legal liabilities. The conditions of the business should not be violated by the buyer or seller. The address and party name should not be disclosed by the company to the seller at You can claim for the compensation through the legal proceedings if any loss or damages will arrive from the breach. The company has the right to settle and mediate if any disputes will arrive at the auction site.

Chinese painting auction

A reasonable estimate for dealers:

The unique art auction company will have many auctioneers in hong kong. The auctioneers in Hong Kong are specialized with the best facilities. The supreme cultural status in the jade market is represented by the jade market. The free of charge estimate is provided in the Chinese painting auction with the flexibility and the excellent customer service. The personal status of sophistication will be considered by the recognised antiques. The auctioneers will try to meet the specific needs of our consignors. The collection assignment can be achieved at a reasonable estimate price by the dealers and associations. The experts and the international specialist are included in our professional team. The tailored service of private sales is provided to meet special needs.

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